What’s it Like to Be an Ashley Furniture Dealer   

We reached out to our friends at Haglof Design in Miami to ask what it’s like to be an Ashley Furniture Vendor. They have a store location with both avenues offering Ashley Furniture. This is what they had to say:

As a retail furniture store owner it is important to have all the vendors that you can possibly have. Besides the furniture that you floor in the showroom, you want to have access to other lines that customers may specifically ask for. The number one brand that we get asked for is Ashley Furniture.   

Opening an account with Ashley furniture is a process that takes about 2 weeks in total. Then, you have to place an opening order. You can either pick up a full truckload from their nearest warehouse, or you can get a less than load truck delivered to your store or warehouse for a minimum of a $1500 order including freight.   

The way you open an account is by contacting one of their marketing specialists also known as sales representatives that are in your area. Most people go the Ashley furniture corporate website and then either call or fill in a form to request to be a dealer. Then they send you to the marketing specialist. The marketing specialist then receives an email detailing what your name is, the business name, and a brief description. Then, then one of the sales reps will email or call you and ask a series of questions and set up a meeting if they’re interested in opening your account.  

The sales reps are not obligated to open your account. They are independent contractors and they’ll open accounts as they see fit. The most common questions they will ask are 

  1. How many square feet is your store?
  2. How many locations do you have?
  3. What is your role at the company?
  4. What other vendors do you carry?
  5. How many years have you been in business?
  6. How much is your yearly revenue?
  7. What are your projected sales this and next year?
  8. How many floor slots do you have?
  9. how many floor slots will you give us?
  10. What is your price range?
  11. What is your customer demographic.
  12. What is your net and gross profit?
  13. How many staff members do you have?
  14. Do you have sales people? How many?
  15. What categories of furniture do you sell?
  16. Do you have a warehouse?
  17. Do you have a loading dock?
  18. What are your receiving days and hours?
  19. Can you accept late delivery?
  20. Do you have an advertising budget?

How to Show Appreciation to Your Customers as a Vendor

Give a Gift at the End of the Year 

When you give a gift to your customers make sure it has some of your branding on it. That will reinforce that you are on top of mind. As the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”. If you’re not in there face in person, at least you can be making impressions daily or weekly. Some ideas for gifts:  

  • Coffee Mugs 
  • Note Pads 
  • Yeti Cups 
  • Thermos 
  • Pens 
  • Bags 
  • Mouse Pads 
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Stapler 


Provide them with Ideas for Marketing 

 Most retail furniture stores have no idea what to do when it comes to marketing, advertising, and especially digital marketing. Only the big box furniture stores really know what they’re doing. They might have a dedicated marketing team or department and have a budget for that. Other mom and pop shops or as we like to call them dirty window stores just rely on word of mouth, referrals, and foot traffic. They focus on things like location and expect that people will visit if they’re in a busy shopping center. Ideally they’ll be around a grocery store. Back in the 70s and 80s this was a good strategy because people would actually do that. Today people are less likely to visit stores because of the internet boom. Companies like Amazon and Google have made it extremely convenient to shop from home and never have to leave the couch.  


When you provide retail furniture stores with marketing support, they’ll be more likely to put your furniture on the floor in their showroom. Even if they don’t floor your product, they can sell it online with their website or through social media. Below are some innovative ideas to give to the stores that you sell to.  

  1. Private letter event

– Bring in friends & family  

– Customer appreciation 

– Fashion Event 

– Bring in Promo code 

– Bring in lucky number letter 

– Breakfast 

– Wine & cheese/ sip & save 

– 48 hour flash sale 

– Free gift for coming to the store 

– Special your choice discount or terms 

– Bring a friend, get an extra percentage off 


  1. Living Large

– Free rent for 2 months 

– Partner with vendors for an event 

– Neighborhood partner party 

– Block Party 

– Wedding registry wish list ($150 starter, win something free, free room, free mattress) 

– Party for rental agents 

– Have floor plans available 

– Free layaway 

– Your dreams come true (involve partners) 

– Massage, manicure 

– Buy 1 room get 10% off, 2 rooms 15%, 3 rooms 20%  

– Monthly payment 

– Bridal/honeymoon package 

– Furnish models, handouts at condos and apartments 

– Bring in your lease 

– New homeowners 

– Price includes $200 gift card for accessories 


  1. After holiday clearance

– Take an additional 20% off any item 

– Thanks for the 20 years! 

– Gym membership 

– Gift card trade in 

– Ugly present promotion (bring in for discount) 

– 100 rooms, $1 a day 

– Say goodbye to 2018, extra 18% off 


  1. Halloween

– Blood drive 

– Monster savings 

– Spooktacular savings 

– Free pumpkin for coming in 

– Moonlight madness 

– Your own night out (dinner and movie) 

– Give a kid a chance for a mattress 

– Costume party (wear for a discount) 

– Orange and black balloons 

  1. Black Friday

– Small business Saturday 

– Cyber Monday 

– Black tag sale 

– 50% off promotion, buy something get 50% off 

– Why wait, beat the madness 

– Early bird 

– Facebook Friday 

– Every Friday in November 

– Beat the clock doorbusters 


  1. Election

– Guess the price to win 

– Pick your favorite (any one item 50% off) 

– Red white and blue sale 

– Thank you America 

– We pay the sales tax 

– Vote for your favorite mattress (foam vs innerspring) 

– Extended hours 

– Pick, post, share, and win 

– Countdown to the election 

– Our top consumer choice winners (extra discount) 

– Why the family should win a new dining room 

– Open early, open late 

– Vote for your favorite series group or collection 

– Post photo of what you want to win, most likes wins 


  1. Holiday Savings

– Trade in for the furniture bank 

– Electronics as hooks 

– Rebate with purchase, the more you spend the more you get back in cash. 

– ‘Tis  the season of giving, get an extra…. 

– 2 for 1 gift card, give one get one 

– $2500 holiday shopping spree 

– Toys for kids in the hospital 

– Help a family in need, coats for kids, canned goods to food pantry, turkey give-away, clothing, gloves 

– Money tree (pick an envelope) 

– HoHoHo free Echo 

– Red tag, red ribbon, red carpet event 


  1. More

– Outdoor private event in the winter with guaranteed lowest prices for next year and free layaway with 10% down.  

– Buy a recliner or chair, get a second up to equal value for 75% off 

– Free recliner with motion sofa and loveseat $1199 

– Twin Full Queen youth rooms to grow into 

– Home of the $399 adjustable bed plus headboard $599, Upholstered Bed $799, or with bed, dresser, mirror, $999 

– Free recliner with sofa and loveseat $999 

How To Set Up A Sailboat Fishing Fundraiser To Raise Money For Charity

This morning when I woke up, I looked out to see a sailboat close to shore. It was a majestic scene. All boats are great, and it is fun to see any of them going by. Yet there is something regal and classic about a sailboat. They aren’t cheap, and they are more intricately designed. You are trying to set up a sailboat fishing fundraiser, and you can just imagine what the outcome is going to look like.

People love a fishing tournament, and they are going to really enjoy being a part of one as a fundraiser. Fundraisers help raise money for a good cause, and the competition for these events is all in fun. One thing about fundraisers is people are often heavily reliant on the community in which they live. That is great, and communities band together. Yet something like a sailboat fishing tournament can actually get interest outside the community.

In fact, you might draw interest from cities far away. You just never know, but you’re certainly going to want to get the word out about your fundraising event. You’re going to have to think about what you want to charge, and you’re going to want to have established a fundraising goal, too. Naturally, you have to think about the prizes that you’re going to offer as well.

You will also want to establish rules for the competition. This includes the lures and baits that you’re going to use. There will be established boundaries, too. Start planning the event early enough so that you can get everything in place. Then it will be time to get ready to launch your fundraiser. First, you have to get everything in place and get those teams signed up. Raise a lot of money for your charity with a sailboat fishing fundraiser.

Key West Champions

Key wet sail fish championship winners here! Thanks for coming to our site. We hold events many times a year and love to find new participants that enjoy fishing and the Florida Keys beautiful weather!